Welcome to our Official online TV Series: The Street Soccer Show!

The purpose of The Street Soccer Show is to profile and bring together our Premier Business Supporters. To show how the Foundation engages with the business community to effect positive social change, for the benefit of the young people who come onto our Academy courses.
The overriding objective is to create a show that’s fun and which doesn’t take itself too seriously. A show that is educational, insightful, and provides a few smiles and laughs along the way.

The format is always to have a sit down with a Supporter, get to know more about them and their business – then take our guests out of their comfort zone, out of their business attire, and into some Street Soccer kit and onto the pitch to be set some fun football challenges by a couple of our young ambassadors – graduates from our Academy programme.

New episodes will be uploaded here below. We hope you enjoy the Shows…