The Junior Academy

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The Junior Academy

Alternative Education Provision
Designed as an Alternative Education Provision (AEP), the Street Soccer Junior Academy offers a structured combination of FA-qualified community football coaching, interactive and educational workshops inclusive of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and 1-to-1 mentoring (“Pep Talk”) sessions, delivered through 12 key themes during and throughout the academic school year at partnering Schools and Academy Trusts, designed to address the holistic development of students.

The Junior Academy programme can be booked by the Term and is most often booked and delivered with referred groups of students as a year-round intervention. Each 90 minute session is delivered once a week throughout the academic year, typically replacing lessons on a rotational basis. The target audience of the Junior Academy is school children in Years 7-11 (ages 11-15), with up to 20 places per group made available for each Junior Academy delivered.

The programme uses football as the anchor sport to engage and inspire students to adopt happier and healthier lifestyles; as well as support those who struggle to engage in lessons and stay out of trouble.
The Football Coaching element (45 mins) will support children with their physical and mental health and wellbeing, with facilitated workshops (45 mins) to help develop soft skills, added with mindset coaching and tailored mentoring support.
Ultimately, all sessions seek to enable young participants to improve their self-belief, confidence and resilience, as well as enhance their behaviour and engagement in and outside of School.

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Details of The Junior Academy:

Where our Junior Academy makes an Impact...

Example core themes delivered on include: Building Resilience; Improving Behaviour; Managing Stress; Coping with Change; Improving Communication; Being Kind; Building Confidence; and Believing in Yourself.

The Street Soccer Junior Academy is structured in 4 key phases:

1. Getting to Know You and Your Peers 2. Building Trust and Relationships 3. Acquiring a Growth Mindset 4. Self-Reflection and Success Our coaching team on each Junior Academy will encourage participating students to journal their learnings and experience during and throughout the programme. The Street Soccer Foundation is committed to delivering and achieving positive impact and participants on the Junior Academy can be expected to improve their physical and mental health, resilience, confidence, self-esteem, and relationships with their peers, family and teachers.

School Partners

If your School would like to partner with us to bring the Street Soccer Junior Academy project into your School for the benefit of selected children to help them improve their self-belief, confidence, resilience, aspirations, behaviour and general health & well-being, please fill out the form below:

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