A selection of STREET SOCCER ACADEMY Testimonials:

  • “Street Soccer helped me massively. They supported and encouraged me so much. The team at Street Soccer helped me to realise that I can do anything I want if I put my mind to it”
  • "Absolutely brilliant – I gained more confidence within myself and also made new friends. It was an experience I will always remember"
  • "Life changing"

A selection of STREET SOCCER COMMUNITY SCHOOL Testimonials:

  • “It has been brilliant, and I enjoy coming here.”
  • “This has been an amazing experience. I have had a great time.”
  • “It's been fun, educational and I’ve learned new football skills.”
  • “I loved street soccer because we got to practice skill drills and we all got a good exercise. I feel more confident, strong and happy. I would rate it 100/100!”
  • “I am now better behaved in class”
  • “I now have a lot of self-belief after doing street soccer”

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Having the right, positive mindset is a crucial internal attitude for young people. Through our training of such, young participants will begin to believe in themselves and in their capacity to reach their goals and thus increase their own learning and development success.

Our Tutors will seek to nurture relationships which can provide an environment whereby course participants have a sense of belonging, a place where they feel connected. As such, the ground work is laid to enable a positive self-perception to develop and a pathway to achieve.

Engagement is a habit of mind and heart - and physical, mental, and emotional health support engagement and learning. This is the underlying reason why we achieve such high levels of success on the Street Soccer Academy and Schools' programmes.

“The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their mind, can change the outer aspects of their lives.” 


The Street Soccer Foundation is proud to have the in-kind support from the PFA, as well as the FA, Premier League, EFL and LMA, and to be partnered with a number of professional football league clubs, mostly representing The Premier League.

Our nationally acclaimed Academy programme is specifically delivered in partnership with the community coaching teams from each Football Club partner of ours. Here below are our current Club partnerships established across the country to help communities nationwide:

Our Academy programmes run throughout the footballing season. Our typical delivery timetable is as follows:

  • AUGUST: Available Academies are promoted nationally to invite applications from young people to join local programmes;
  • SEPTEMBER to DECEMBER (Autumn/Winter): The Academies are delivered nationwide;
  • JANUARY: Available Academies are promoted nationally to invite applications from young people to join local programmes;
  • FEBRUARY to MAY (Spring/Summer): The Academies are delivered nationwide.

As part of the Academy, we provide a free Lunch to all participants at each session, a full Street Soccer playing kit (shirt, shorts and socks), and wherever possible an opportunity to experience a private Stadium Tour of the professional Football Club we partner with to deliver the local programme. Attending sessions does not affect individual benefits.