Street Soccer Spotlight! Feb

Welcome to this months’ edition of the Street Soccer Spotlight.

One of the fundamental reasons why the Street Soccer Foundation exists is to play its part in reducing youth homelessness. But do you know what actually causes homelessness?
People become homeless for lots of different reasons. There are social causes of homelessness, such as a lack of affordable housing, poverty and unemployment; and life events which push people into homelessness. People can be forced into homelessness when they leave prison, care or the army, with no home to go to. Many women experiencing homelessness have escaped a violent or abusive relationship. Others become homeless because they can no longer afford to pay their rent.
For many others, it can be a relationship breaking down – which could have come from losing a job, mental or physical health problems, or substance misuse; all events which can put people under considerable stress and strain.
However, in nearly all cases, homelessness is preventable and in every case – it can be ended.
This is why we will continue to push on. To continue to build and nurture partnerships to expand our service provision to help others both locally in our home County of Kent – and across the Country. On any given night, tens of thousands of families and individuals are experiencing the worst forms of homelessness across Great Britain.
I know that times remain tough for many, but please know you need not be alone. Our team, our Supporters, Club Members, Partners and Sponsors – our whole community: we are all here to support each other. So, if you haven’t already, do register to become an official member of our new Network (via our website) and let’s go forward into February with the attitude and mindset of how we can help others.

Together, Changing lives through Football!

The Street Soccer Club Crawl Challenge!
National surveys have found that adult physical activity fell by a quarter since lockdown, with many people reporting a weight gain since restrictions were enforced. The impact of this can be far-reaching, with many concerned about the impact little or no exercise will have on their health.

We are therefore delighted to announce that we will be launching The Street Soccer Club Crawl Challenge! on Monday 15 February lasting until the final day of the Premier League football season, on Sunday 23 May.
What is it?! Together, we will all take part in a national virtual fitness challenge, where we will start at the home of West Ham Utd, the London Stadium – and then tour the country, aiming to visit every one of the 20 Premier League Club Stadiums – looking to finish together at The Amex Stadium, home of Brighton & Hove Albion by the end of the season.
How it will work: Each time you go out (or stay in!) and do some exercise such as walking, running, or cycling, you simply log each of your distances into our challenge page or through your smartphone app – and your progress along our national tour will be updated where you’ll get to see just how far you’ve gone and how far you’ve got to go!
And! Each time you reach a new Stadium on your journey, you will also receive a FREE entry into our Prize Draw. So just by entering you’ll automatically receive a free entry by getting started from the London Stadium – and if you complete the whole tour by the end of the season you’ll gain the maximum 20 x free entries on offer – and so 20 chances of winning a prize!
Our Challenge Prize Draw has a total of 20 prizes available, and a FREE t-shirt to all of our finishers. Keep an eye on our social channels and official website and get ready to enter the #clubcrawlchallenge!

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