The Mindset Coaching Award

“You learn things from other coaches you’ve never even thought about before and pick up experiences from others you can then implement into your own life.”

These are two of the many things coaches told us they took away from our Mindset
Coaching Award course, which is currently recruiting for a new intake of coaches,
business professionals and anyone looking to invest in their personal development to
thrive in their roles.

The Street Soccer Foundation’s accredited Mindset Coaching Award has been developed by experienced industry experts following discussions with coaches at a wide variety of football club community organisations over the past couple of years – taking on board what coaches want and need and designing modules around key themes.

The course focuses on the way we do things, why we do what we do and how we interact with others, providing participants with mental tools and techniques to accelerate their personal and professional development in all aspects of their lives and encourage self-analysis and appraisal along the way.

“The Mindset Coaching Award is a coach-to-coach programme that explores six key modules we’ve developed and goes into a really clear depth that the participants on the course probably haven’t experienced anywhere else.”

The modules focus on communication, social skills, motivation, inspiring trust, managing
feedback and leading by example, through a range of thought-provoking discussions,
activities and challenges.

A group of coaches from several professional football club community organisations took
part in the Mindset Coaching Award pilot and said they took away valuable knowledge and
new ways of thinking from the course.

“It’s first and foremost a self-perception and self-awareness course, where the experiences that you go through on the course give you tools to change your outlook on how you do things and how you view things.”

“It’s about how we think about things, how we process things. Are we aware of how other people might process things? And just being a bit more mindful and thoughtful about those things in terms of the work we deliver.”

“You learn so much from all different angles. The group work settings that you’re put into, you’re learning from other people things that you’ve never even thought of before. You pick up experiences from others that you can then implement into your own life.”

“That whole idea of getting to know yourself a bit better, not only that self-development, but, especially if you’re a leader or you’re someone who line-manages or someone who just cares to see other people thrive, it gives you that opportunity to have a wholesome look at it.”

The first official Mindset Coaching Award will run weekly between 10am and 2pm every
Thursday, from March 14 until April 25, at Crystal Palace Football Club’s Selhurst Park in
London, SE25 6PU.

“The Mindset Coaching Award is for anyone who wants to make permanent change, to bring value to their life, and to develop in so many different ways - in communication, socialising, bringing motivation, inspiring others, inspiring trust, being able to manage feedback.

And ultimately, the biggest thing is to lead by example - to show others that through influence, through positivity and through a safe environment, you can have the greatest impact on anyone’s life.”

Head over to the official Mindset Coaching Award page HERE for more information and details of how to sign up.

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