Youth Board

The Voice of Young People Matters. This is our Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board

The Street Soccer Foundation firmly believes in the voice of young people to inform our programme provision endeavour. Our Youth Advisory Board is one in which gives young people the opportunity to have a voice and influence on future Academy programme provision for the benefit of others.

The Youth Advisory Board is made up of up to 10 young people at any time, aged 18-30, who have either participated and successfully graduated the National Street Soccer Academy, or who are currently participating in the Academy programme.

Our aim is to involve young people from different backgrounds and experiences across all levels of our charity with our Youth Forums providing a platform for youth to have a voice and give their feedback, thoughts and ideas to help influence our work.

Young people are our future change makers. Through our Youth Forum and Advisory Board they will develop their own skills whilst challenging our thinking to help shape the way in which the Foundation operates.

Our Youth Advisory Board plays an integral role in helping the Street Soccer Foundation to build the impact and influence of young people both nationally and internationally across the globe.

What's involved?

The Youth Advisory Board meets twice a year either face-to-face or through virtual meetings. Outside of these regular meetings, Youth Board members may be asked to undertake individual or group tasks and should be prepared to volunteer up to five hours per month.

All travel and other associated costs as agreed in advance will be covered by the Street Soccer Foundation.

Youth Board Advisor members will:

Who we look for?
As a Youth Advisory Board member you will:
Our commitment to you:

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What happens after you apply?

After submitting your application, you will receive an email notification letting you know that your application has been received. You will find out via email whether your application has been successful or not.

Although places are limited, the application process will be re-opened on an annual basis to balance any changes with continuity across the Youth Board and Forum. Unsuccessful applicants are welcome to re-apply.

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