Football for Good Leagues

Football for Good Leagues

The Football for Good Leagues are the first adult 5-a-side Football Leagues to be established in the UK – with 100% of weekly match fees going towards social good causes. Monies from player participation are used to help continually fund the delivery of Street Soccer Academy programmes nationwide, supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people throughout England, as well as other charitable endeavours related to tackling major social issues.

Bringing together teams of working professionals from across the country representing organisations large and small, the Football for Good Leagues offer a unique opportunity for businesses and individuals to meet and network whilst looking after their health and wellbeing – and at the same time, allowing for League participants to give back and sponsor young people through our national Academy programmes.

Matches are played 50 weeks of the year, with a minimum of 8 teams in each operating League nationwide.

Benefits of Sponsoring:

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Sponsor a local League

Sponsor on a regional level
If you would like to sponsor the Football for Good Leagues on a more regional level, we'd be very happy to hear from you. Whether you'd prefer to sponsor your local league or maybe a larger region - please get in touch.

Specific benefits from the list above can be discussed on a case by case basis.

Sponsor the Leagues

As National Headline Sponsor
Secure an exclusive national sponsorship of the Football for Good Leagues. Your investment will cover the costs for a whole year of running the UK's first adult 5-a-side football leagues with a social heartbeat.

In return we’ll provide a host of benefits along with an impact report to show your ROI.

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